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About Prime Fumigation

We, the team of Prime Fumigation are the exclusive pest control service provider in Karachi.We follow a unique 3-step ICP methodology. In it, we inspect, control and prevent all the pest-related problems affecting the residential, commercial and industrial properties.Our company is set up on the principles of ethics, honesty and integrity, and since inception, we are consistently following these values. We are a company where any culture can nurture because we do not discriminate amongst any color, religion, creed, race or sex.

Our statements are not just catch words. They are the guiding principles which connects us to the roots and remind us our purposes. Our statements are a clear reflection of our working style to provide the best pest management services.

To achieve our mission and vision, all our experts are rigorously trained to provide best-in-class services to customers. They are trained by industry gurus who are well-experienced in handling various type of pest infestations. This puts us in the best state to clearly detect the pest problems, design an action plan to combat it perfectly and ensure that the pest infestation do not resurface. We remain updated with the latest developments, measures and innovations in the pest control world and incorporate them in the solutions that we provide. We respect your time and thus offer our services exactly on schedule. Our experts are friendly, courteous and remain equipped with best tools to handle any type of pest problems. We are quick to respond all your queries or requests. We offer reliable services every time only because we employ best practices. You can visit out testimonial page to realize the effective pest control services we provide to our customers. The best pest control solutions are not the end result, in fact it is the beginning of a long-term relationship.


Our mission is to provide the best quality pest control services to our customers, thereby protecting the community and ensuring their safety.


Our vision is to become the national leader in pest control management by providing state-of-the-art solutions to all the pest related problems of our customers.


Our company is defined by our people. Although, we have grown as an Organization, but our core values are still the same. This is the basis of an integral customer and employee relationship.


We love our work and do not consider it as a job, it’s our passion. This passion results in providing exemplary services to our customers. Our other facets are attention to details, quest to learn and obsession for high quality.


All the experts at Mega Pest Control work with a common goal aligned to our mission and vision, which results in the unmatchable care and services our customers get. We support each other and encourage the team members to deliver great results.


To grow and earn profits from the business are our secondary objectives. Our prime objective is to ensure your safety and protect the environment. All the pesticides we use are eco-friendly and approved by government. This way we make sure you are not exposed to any health risks.

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